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Grassley Blows Whistle On IRS Whistleblower Program

September 30, 2013
Robert W. Wood

The IRS Whistleblower Program has been controversial. Although UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld collected essay on addiction a whopping $104 million, most claims fizzle. Birkenfeld was the key informant about UBS offshore accounts. His was the domino that brought banks and U.S. taxpayers to their knees before the IRS and Justice Department. See UBS’ Bradley Birkenfeld Gets $104 Million, Blows Doors Off IRS Whistleblower Program.

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California Laboratory and X-Ray Provider Settles Whistleblower False Claims Act Medicare Fraud Action for $17.5 Million

Written September 25, 2013 by Janine Arno

The Department of Justice announced today that California-based company Kan-Di-Ki LLC, doing business as Diagnostic Laboratories and Radiology (Diagnostic Labs), has agreed to pay $17.5 pay someone to do your assignment million to settle allegations that the company violated the federal and California False Claims Act by paying kickback for referral of mobile lab and radiology services subsequently billed to Medicare and Medi-Cal (the state of California’s Medicaid program).

The action was initiated by two whistleblowers who are former executive Diagnostic Labs employees.  Together they will receive more than $3.7 million as their share of the federal government’s recovery.  The whistleblowers brought the suit against the company in February 2010, alleging that Diagnostic Labs provided below-cost discounts to skilled nursing facility providers for Medicare Part A and HMO patients in return for the referral of all Medi-Cal and Medicare Part B business.  This was profitable for Diagnostic Labs because of the different way in which Part A, HMO, Part B, and Medi-Cal reimbursements are made.  According to the Department of Justice, the kickback scheme brought in a “steady stream of lucrative outpatient referrals that it could directly bill to Medicare and Medi-Cal.”

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